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Impact-led Funding

Impact-led Funding

How We Fund

Unrestricted Funds

We provide unrestricted funding to our partners. We select organisations that align with our values, and our priority is to maximise their impact. We are sector-agnostic and are open to our partners pivoting projects if the evidence and circumstances require it.

Multi-year Strategic Engagement

If we continue to see real impact and clear growth, we provide multi-year support. We value our partners and take a hands-on approach to supporting them. We seek to provide mentorship and networking opportunities, and stay actively engaged.

Measurable Impact

Using a rigorous and evidence-based approach, we select organisations that demonstrate clear and irreversible impact. This continues to be a priority for us beyond the selection process: we support our partners in conducting regular independent impact evaluations.

What We Look For

Quantifiable Impact

We support organisations that have an evidence-based approach and believe in measurable outcomes. Our grantees typically conduct independent assessments to quantify their impact.

Irreversible Positive Change

We take a long-term perspective to social impact. Lasting change in the status quo is only possible with interventions that are irreversible and/or are designed to be sustainable.


We take a large-scale perspective: our goal is to impact as many people as possible. We value models of implementation that are easily scalable through data, technology or government partnerships.

On-ground Understanding

Meaningful impact is only possible when organisations fully understand the communities they serve. We partner with organisations that have successfully completed a pilot project.

Tech/Data Driven Solutions

Our preferred partner organisations implement solutions that leverage data and deploy innovative technologies to solve large-scale problems.

We Fund

Organisations That Are:

  • Registered as a non-profit in India as a Section 8 company, trust or society (should be 12A, 80G certified).
  • Working to solve complex socio-economic problems that affect a large section of society.
  • In the post-pilot or validation stage of their journey.
  • On a clear path to scale – whether this is via government partnerships or otherwise.
  • Working on a solution that is inherently scalable and replicable to other contexts.
  • Staffed with a dedicated full-time team.
  • Aligned with our commitment to measurement, evaluation, and learning in a demonstrable manner.
  • On the same page as us and share our core values and sense of urgency to accelerate social impact.

We Don’t Fund

  • Organisations not registered in India.
  • Theoretical research or purely lab-based activities that are not linked to implementation.
  • Innovations that require religious or political support. We will never support a particular political candidate or party and will avoid tying ourselves, directly or indirectly, to a religious institution or mission.
  • Physical infrastructure interventions such as the building of hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Individual grants, including scholarships.
  • Awareness building campaigns.
  • Event sponsorships or one-time activities.
  • Lobbying efforts and activism against legislation.
  • Creative or performing arts, culture, heritage.
  • Grants for endowments or fundraising drives.

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