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Our Impact

Our Impact

We believe that reliable and credible impact data is one of the enablers of effective governance and better policymaking. We have adopted a rigorous analytical approach to evaluating the impact generated by our investments, and undertake routine impact assessment studies to evaluate performance. We measure the efficacy of our programmes in terms of the evidence of systemic change.


State Rural Livelihoods Missions

Improved livelihoods for 80,000+ rural households across 31 Cluster Level Federations in 7 districts in Haryana.

Over 50% increase in income for 1,60,000 rural households across 10 districts in Rajasthan.



    365% increase in average household income from 2013 to 2019, in the village of Rathakhurd, Alwar in Rajasthan.

    Direct impact on health indicators – 92% (0-5 yrs) children have normal BMI and only 7.2% (11-18 yrs) girls are anaemic as compared to 4.5% children and almost 80% girls being affected in control group.


    RightWalk Foundation

    Ensure effective implementation of the Apprenticeship Scheme in Uttar Pradesh by increasing enrolment by 50,000 to 70,000 apprentices, ensuring training for a minimum of 25,000 apprentices, with at least 50% retention rate through absorption or a new job.


    Swaniti Initiative 

    Increased efficiency in delivery of the Andhra Pradesh Government’s key livelihoods schemes and initiatives including Rythu Bharosa, MGNREGA, REWARD and Unnathi.

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