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Accelerating Social Innovation

Accelerating Social Innovation

Social Impact Fund

The fund is designed to provide long-term support to organisations doing radical work. We will provide unrestricted grant funding to non-profit organisations who share our evidence-led approach and leverage technology and data for creating lasting impact.

Focus Area of the SIF

Innovative solutions (products, processes or systems) that can help in:

  • Unlocking (quantifiable) public funds and enabling effective public service delivery
  • Leveraging technology and/or data more effectively
  • Enabling empowered policy/decision-making

SIF Offerings

  • Unrestricted grant capital up to Rs. 1 crore per year
  • Multi-year commitment with hands-on support
  • Additional funding support for impact assessment and impact evaluation
  • Additional support for brand building and marketing
  • Access to a network of investors and subject matter experts

Learn more about how we fund.

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